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Penelope S. Hawtrey

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Ah, impossible dreams: they’re the best kind, aren’t they? But it’s okay, because I have to tell you, I love to write. Fiction is my favorite, and my preference seems to be living in fantasy worlds. But I’ve also dabbled in non-fiction as seen with some short stories that are on my blog, Tortuous Tales.

I live in the Northeastern part of Canada with my husband and my senior dog. (Yes, even though he’s an old Pup, with grey hair, he’s still my baby.) When not working on my writing, I enjoy running, reading, long walks, sipping tea at coffee shops, or I’ll kick back and hang out with my two favorite boys and watch TV shows on Crave or Netflix.

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I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me at Sophia@hawtrey.ca if you would like to share any of your thoughts about my current book, Dragon in the Mirror: Into Canonsland, or if you have any questions.